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A Virtual Nexus for the Performance and Study of The Art of Wonder



We Are Wonder Workers

An Extraordinary Team of Highly Experienced Artists and Entertainers.

Magic Mentoring

The Ancient Art of Wonder has been passed on, from Master to Student, since time immemorial.

Zoom Storming

Informative Lectures & Hands-on Masterclasses offer intensive sleight-of-hand training.

Web Wizardry

Presenting Virtual Magic, Mystery, Intrigue & Wonder Workshops for All Ages!

The Art of Wonder

A Treasure Trove of Digital Downloads for Close-up to Stage & Kids to Corporate

We Are Wizards
We Are Conjurers
We Are Prestidigitators
We Are Mystics
We Are Dreamers
We Are Artists
We Are Actors
We Are Magicians

— who paint upon the canvas of imagination —


Who We Are

Over 400 Years of Collective Professional Experience! Some of the finest in the field, from all corners of the globe.

One of the world's premier magicians. Creator, composer, producer and performer.

Jay Scott Berry

Cutting Edge Conjuring and Electrifying Entertainment, from Close-up to Stage and Kids to Corporate.


Member of the Magic Circle and 2 time winner of the Scottish Conjurers Association Close-up Magician of the Year.

Scott Cuthbertson
Celtic Conjurer

Internationally Acclaimed Performer, Author and Poet. Over 50 years as a professional magician.

Roger Blakiston
Poet Laureate

A Grandmaster Wizard of Magic, Mystery, Movement and Meaning. Revered and Acclaimed from Hollywood to Broadway.

Robert Fitch
Professor Emeritus

Magic, Mystery and Mysticism, Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and 4F Alumni.

Eva May
Mystic Enchantress

Globally Acclaimed Master of Magic, Mirth, Music, Mischief, Madness and Mayhem.

Geno DeVille
Professor of Mischief

International Master of Hypnosis and Prestidigitation. Member of The Magic Castle, The Magic Circle and 4F.

Roger Nicot
Professor of Mindsets

European Star of Theatre, Cabaret and TV. Member of The Magic Circle and Envoy of the S.A.M. International Assembly.

Arthur Tivoli
Prof d'Extraordinaire

Internationally Acclaimed Magician and Author. Star of Cabaret, Theatre and TV! MIMC with Gold Star.

Romany Romany
The Diva of Magic

FISM Award Winning Performer and Creator, his name is synonymous with Innovation and Excellence in the Art.

Professor Emeritus

Master of Magic, Music and Mystery. Snakes, Lizards and Reptiles...Oh My!

Daryl Sprout
Serpentine Sorcerer

JSB Studio

Multi-Media, Websites, Graphics, Music & More!

I can assist in all stages of Web, Graphics, Video & Music Production, from Consulting to Creation. World-Class, Next Level, Web Wizardry!

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